You Better Bieliebe It

Posted by Les on 6th Apr 2016

Yes. Justin Bieber has worn ChachiMomma pants. I know right?! We couldn’t Bieliebe it either, but it’s the truth.

So what’s the story behind that teen dream once in a lifetime pair up? We surely can’t take all the credit. Back in the day, ChachiMomma use to sit outside dance studios with a trunk full of ChachiMomma pants, ready to supply the dancers with what they needed. Yes, she was selling out of her trunk at one point...gotta start somewhere!

Well one day, while she was at a studio, a dancer asked her about the pants and said once he saved enough, he would buy a pair. ChachiMomma noticed how nice he was to everyone while working hard during classes and so she gave him a free pair! She remembers that he was always in a positive mood and showed a lot of dedication towards the dream of being a dancer and so ChachiMomma just wanted to give that dancer a pair to show, hard work didn’t go unnoticed.

Flash forward, that very same dancer ends up becoming a background dancer for Justin Bieber! He wore his ChachiMomma pants to rehearsal one day and Justin loved them, so much so, that a phone call was made and ChachiMomma hooked Justin Bieber up with his own personal stash that very same day! (It’s ok a let out a fangirl scream right here…we did)

I personally love this story, not just for the obvious drool worthy reason (JB), but because there’s two great lessons that I’ve gotten from it:

  • 1.Hard work and dedication really do pay off
  • 2.Treating everyone with kindness also pays off

In the dance world, or in anything where there is competition, it may seem impossible to make friends and be nice, but that just isn’t true. Yes, the person next to you is dancing their heart out with the same dream in front of them as you, but cheer each other on. Celebrate those who make it and continue to work hard because your big chance will come too. Your sweat, tears, and sometimes blood are not for nothing, but keep that beautiful smile on your face!

You never know who is watching you work hard and you never know who will remember you and your kindness when they have made it!

Peace and love. <3