Who Is ChachiMomma?

Who Is ChachiMomma?

Posted by Les on 30th Mar 2016

This is the question everybody seems to be asking and don't worry, we'll get to that. But first, I want to answer the question "what is ChachiMomma?"

Let's go back to the great year of 2010 and that's when it all started. The brand that we have all grown to love and, well, NEED, got it's stitched start on a kitchen table and has since grown into the internationally known "go to" pants for dancers and pretty much anyone who doesn't want to be tripped up by baggy pant legs. (We've all been there.)

ChachiMomma is a family owned and operated clothing brand, specializing in uniquely designed sweatpants. These sweatpants are tailored to make it easy to dance, skateboard, parkour, base jump, perform, run around, roll around, sky dive, bungee jump, and pretty much whatever else you are passionate about. 

The tight cut from below the knee down to the ankle, produces a slim fit for comfort and style. And who doesn't love to look fresh AND be comfortable at the same time? >raises hand< 

Besides our unique style, we are also known for a few key things: zippers, money pockets, and Justin Bieber...(more on that next time...I promise.) 

So now that you have a pretty solid idea of what ChachiMomma is, I can answer "who is ChachiMomma?"

Simply put, she is the designer and creator of the entire brand! From kitchen table to dance studios around the globe, ChachiMomma has provided every single design that comes out of the brand. With everything done with you guys in mind, she dedicates her life to continuing to deliver the style that makes it so easy to do you! Every piece of clothing is an extension of her and her passion for fashion! :) 

Well, there goes the who's and what's behind ChachiMomma! I look forward to bringing your weekly blogs answering all the questions that you guys ask! Make sure to subscribe and follow us. 

Peace. <3